Counter Manager/Business Manager

The Counter/Business Manager is in charge of a counter and works with store and Clinique management for Consultant recruitment, selection, retention, new hire orientation and the organization and achievement of daily goals. This position also collaborates with the Counter Education Manager or Market Education Manager to coach and develop Consultant skill levels.


  1. Executes counter business plan and expectations.
    • Sets and manages total counter and individual Consultant goals.
    • Achieves personal sales goals.
    • Creates/executes action plans based on market calendar for goal obtainment.
    • Executes counter merchandising guidelines.
    • Manages Consultant hygiene and image standards.
  2. Recruits and screens potential Clinique Consultants.
    • Recruits potential Clinique Consultants in conjunction with management.
    • Conducts screening consultations.
    • Orders Consultants' new hire packages.
  3. Manages the orientation and development of Consultants.
    • Leads orientation.
    • Facilitates coaching between new Consultant and Counter/Market Education Manager.
    • Monitors Consultant orientation process.
    • Creates and executes development plan with Counter/Market Education Manager for each Consultant.
    • Conducts team meetings for on-going communication.
    • Uses effective management techniques to retain and motivate Consultants.


The candidate has strong leadership skills, is self-reliant and has the ability to manage others for retention, sales and service. Management experience is a plus. Strong selling, planning and communication skills are necessary. High school graduate or equivalent with experience as a Clinique Consultant and/or counter management experience is preferred.

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