Counter Education Manager/Market Education Manager

The Counter/Market Education Manager works at counter to manage Consultant orientation, coach the Clinique Experience and provide information to the counter team. The Market Education Manager has the additional responsibility of developing Counter Manager coaching skills.


  1. Collaborates with Counter/Business Manager in Consultant orientation.
    • Executes the counter orientation program.
    • Coaches to prepare new Consultants for their first seminar.
  2. Coaches Consultant knowledge and skill level; Market Education Manager also develops Counter Manager skill level.
    • Conducts training workshops on new initiatives, products, events, etc.
    • Supports Consultant goals with on-the-spot, point-of-sale training to raise productivity and make sales goals.
    • Teaches and reinforces Clinique's points of difference and how to effectively use the information.
    • Teaches and reinforces Clinique hygiene and image standards.
  3. Sets the example for Clinique goal achievement and standards.
    • Achieves daily sales goals.
    • Consistently maintains/exceeds all Consultant standards.


The candidate should have high school or equivalent experience with the ability to conduct workshops and develop others. Strong selling, communication and coaching skills are necessary. Experience as a Clinique Consultant is a plus.

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