Regional Education Executive

The Regional Education Executive educates counter staff on the product knowledge, selling and service skills necessary to meet productivity goals, service standards and turnover targets. Responsibilities include conducting seminars, coaching new Consultant orientation and retention and Account Coordinator development.


  1. Manages seminar administration and execution.
    • Teaches Consultant seminars on product knowledge, sales skills and service standards to consistently meet/exceed target goals.
    • Manages all seminar processes to ensure timely administration and adherence to corporate guidelines and expectations.
  2. Leads Consultant orientation and retention strategies.
    • Develops and leads strategies to orientate, develop and retain new Consultants, Counter/Market Education Managers and Account Coordinators.
    • Plans in-store time with Regional Education Director based on current needs of the market.
    • Ensures a strong partnership with Account Executive in order to streamline efficiencies and maintain clear, consistent messages.
    • Acts as a role model to Consultants by portraying the Clinique image, standards and custom-fit service.
  3. Develops Account Coordinators and Counter/Market Education Managers.
    • Develops Counter/Market Education Managers and Account Coordinators to sustain brand-defining standards and results.
    • Partners with Account Executive on Account Coordinator and Counter/Market Education Manager development plans.
    • Partners with Account Executive to create development plans for key Business Managers identified by the Regional Education Director.
  4. Administration.
    • Provides feedback to New York Education Department on programs, products, Consultant needs and competitive activities.
    • Works on special projects (i.e., task forces, medical meetings) as requested by the New York Education Department.
    • Manages all administrative responsibilities in a timely manner.


The candidate should have 4+ years of experience in sales or education. Candidates must have strong developmental and indirect management experiences which have been demonstrated by positive past sales performance. Solid coaching, leadership and communication skills are also a must.

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